Monday, April 5, 2010

Please go or my family will come!

"Please go or my family will come and see you with me!"

That was the response i got from a girl i approached sometime back. She was slim, cute, long legs, white-ish complexion, HOT shit and a 9 on scale of 1-10 in beauty department according to people around me. Although I personally considered her a bit average and would rate her as 6 but thats because i have seen perfect 10's and i DON'T happen to get a crush on every girl i see like most people do so my rating are completely unbiased and realistic besides since 8/9's are pretty scarce where i live, she was the best you could find and not considering her face, her body would make her a 7. So i had to approach her because she was the HOT shit according to the whole university and since i happen to be the only one with BALLS, i couldn't let her slip away.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another blog hits the NET

First post! and i have no idea from where to START hehe, anybody of you got in the same situation/feeling ?, well if you do, you'd know how incomplete it feels no matter how you start. It just doesn't seem PERFECT :D.

So i'd leave it like this and give an intro of what this blog will be all about.

Well basically anything that comes to my mind, but i am a computers student with an interest in medicine and biology as well so most of the articles will be based around that. PLUS i just love GIRLS, you hear me...Yeah i absolutely love these crazy creatures and so you'd see posts about my adventures socializing with girls, generally the interesting events.

Apart from all the coolness, i sometimes get nervous breakdown under depression so bear with my "FUCK LIFE" posts, they are necessary, i have to post them coz it cools me down so things you can expect to see here..

my favorite music, movies, rants about youtube videos, my bodybuilding workout (oh yeah, im a bodybuilder), gamehacking (im a gamehacker), programming, Girls pictures that i think are cute, orgasm tips, maybe a little porno ? uhmmm maybe, well anything and everything that i can RANT on.

Some might be useful, others pretty lame so thats enough i got the idea, its a blog of a pretty social plus nerdy guy! so expect anything.

Steyn out, keep it chill guys
Remember LIFE is FUN